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Tongue Scraper is Good to Clean Your Tongue

Hello everyone, The Dentist San Francisco want to share with you about some dental care. If we talk about it, the first thing we may think must be teeth and gums. But this time let’s talk about the tongue, which is also a part of our mouth. As a mouth part, the tongue also needs to be cleaned every day. Because it has a lot of saliva and food remnants on it.

That’s why we like to recommend you to use a tongue scraper. For you who still don’t know anything about a tongue scrapper, it is a tool to help you clean your tongue. It works by cleaning the upper part of your tongue from the excessive amount of saliva and food remnants on it. So, if you have a breath odor problem and you have regularly brush your teeth and use a mouthwash but it is still not in good condition, maybe the tongue scraper can help you to clean up the problem for you.