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The costs of ibogaine treatment can be equal to the costs of plastic surgeon

If we look at the cost of ibogaine treatment, we will know that is different with others. As we talk about the cost of treatment for heart disease, we do not know about the certain price of ibogaine treatment. If we ask how much does ibogaine treatment cost for alcohol addict? Is it same with treatments for other addictive drug addicts? All those questions can be answered if we asked the former patients of ibogaine treatment but we can make an own prediction if we can not ask them or can not ask to ibogaine treatment center. We can use the basic price for preliminary consideration. We can assume that if ibogaine drug costs expensive because the material is difficult to obtain and only in Africa. Maybe the price is between $200 and $300 for one ibogaine drug. It can only be given to a patient who has recently become a drug addict. It means we need more ibogaine drug for the older drug addict.

Maybe they need 2 or 3 ibogaine drugs for the treatment because if we consume more ibogaine drug, it can cause the side effects in long term therefore restricted. While we also have to undergo inpatient treatment or outpatient that has a cost is quite expensive. For a day, we can guess $50 and it does not include the cost of consulting a doctor and experts. Maybe it will cost more expensive if we undergo in a few weeks. If we combine ibogaine drug prices with treatment prices, we can get the price above $500 for a day. The price can be equal to the cost of plastic surgery if we are doing treatment on a week. So, better we think again if we want to taste drugs because not only can harm us but the treatment cost is too expensive.