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Keeping your Instagram followers remain interested

Having many Instagram followers can be profitable if you are a person who sells goods / services via Instagram. Many ways you can do to get followers, but there is a short way you can do if you want to have many followers, buy it. Where to buy Instagram followers legit? Of course through our website. Visit now and see your follower increases.

Then how to get people who had become a follower you remain interested in your Instagram and does not decide to unfollow? This is some tips that you can try:

1. Perform updates consistently.
Based on analysis company Union Metrics, brands (in this case, the Instagram user) which reduce the frequency of photo uploads are more likely to experience a loss of followers. Your followers want to follow you because they want to see content or pictures uploaded. Therefore, do upload a consistent basis, but do not overdo it. If you want to upload more than two to three photos or videos per day, use the Instagram Stories, so the feed to your followers are not overwhelmed by your submissions.

2. Start Chat.
When you upload a photo, add a description that includes questions for followers. Make a deep question or funny. The more people who answer these questions, your photos will be more popular.

3. Increase your interaction while increasing the fan base.
You need to invest time and energy to make or, in fact, became a sensation on Instagram unless you’ve become a celebrity. Increase your interaction with reply comments, direct messages, and provide sign Like for the other user photographs.

4. Hold a contest.
If you have creative ideas and some fans, grow your fan community by giving free gifts as a sign of love and following the exchange. Choose eligible to win prizes, share photos on the Instagram contest, and encourage your followers to enter the contest by liking the photo. When the contest period ends, choose a random follower as the prize winner. Encourage your followers to tag their friends so that they can follow your contest too.