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Wear mala beads to hold your emotion

For everyone is not easy to keep their emotion in a good condition. Sometimes they often to say there is no one cares about their lives but maybe it is saying when they are angry because people who can not keep their emotion will say anything they want. So, as a human, we have to prevent and eliminate it because it is not good for our health and our communication with other people. We should be able to hold our emotion when we get angry and thinking with clearly. All people do not want to close with people who are angry because they can hurt anyone either with their words or with their movement. In ancient is known that is a method that can hold our emotion with a thing and it is called mala beads. People at now is used it as the trinkets and make a different style with these but in fact, they also can be used it as their keepers if they believe that mala beads have a positive thing.

Maybe you would think it’s old but if you know the story about mala beads, you will agree with this argue. At first, the mala beads made as a counter for some religion when they say a mantra. Each religion has a different mantra but they use mala beads as their counter. It means that mala beans have a superior function and used in various religion. So, maybe it caused the mala beads can make people get better and hold their emotion. Mala bead is used for kindness on each religion therefore, it contains the positive energy to people who use it and wear it. People also call it Buddhist mala or Buddhist prayer beads. So, if you feel hard to hold your emotion, you can wear the mala beads and practice with it.