Squeeze technique to delay ejaculation

Want to be able to delay ejaculation? Many of men find this as the problem that leads them to lose their confidences for having next intercourse. If you think so, it would be better to go online and find www.hajarjahanamcair.co.id. More and more men in the world ask how to prevent premature ejaculation. Unfortunately, some of them don’t get the best answer because they decide not to see the doctor or sexual therapist.

When you want to delay ejaculation or prevent it comes back to burden you, this is what you should know. Are you familiar with squeeze technique? This will work by squeezing the penis in the area between the shaft and the glans. It takes time about 30 seconds. For your additional information, this may stop the ejaculation but affect your erection, at leat until you are stimulated again. For the effective result, you should use this method for several months. Of course, it requires great perseverance from you and your partner.

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