Fungus often becomes the main problem for your windshield in the rainy season

Are you looking for the best auto glass repair works? If you are, you can always visit In the rainy season, your car needs more attention than usual. There are some car problems that you can find more often at that time. The most common car problem in the rain season is the fungus in the interior of your windshield The growth of the fungus in your windshield will become faster due to the moisture in the air during this season.

Not only that, the fungus that grows in your windshield could form stains. Furthermore, these stains could hold the rain water that drops on your windshield. Making it difficult for the driver to see the road through the windshield. Besides that, these stains could also amplify the incoming car lights from the opposite direction. This could become dangerous for the driver. It is recommended to wipe your windshield each time it hits the rain. Not only that it will make your windshield cleaner, it’s also to ensure the safety of the driver.

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