Fishing techniques

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In addition to the use of inducement, there are several other ways of fishing:
1. By hand
Catching fish by hand can be done in shallow waters such as small rivers. In England and in America catching trout and salmon in the river shallow watering can by hand.

2. Spear
Catch fish by spearing is easier than by hand and the way it has been used long ago by human beings. Spearheading made such as in the eye of the hook so that the fish caught can not be separated from the spear. Spear used are also diverse, ranging from a short-handled, the one-eyed or three-pronged.

3. Harpoon
At this time, fishing can use a harpoon that fishing gear in the form of a spear by a long strap. Catching fish in this manner are required to use the boat in pursuing the fish being hunted. Harpoon fired with a catapult and is used to catch whales.

4. Nets
Done by shoveling with nets or casting nets which are then removed or by installing nets and wait for a few moments before the nets removed.

5. Knocked a hole in the ice
This technique is done at sea or river is freezing. Catch fish this way is done by drilling or make a hole in the ice in order to be a fishing pole into a hole that has been created.

6. Explosives
Actually, this technique is forbidden, because it can cause damage to coral reefs.

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